Crockett v Costco Wholesale jury verdict upheld by judge

Crockett v. Costco Wholesale

Crockett v. Costco Wholesale - Jim Krueger's large judgment on Maui against Costco Wholesale (Crockett v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, Civil No. 020280, 3rd Cir Court, Wailuku, Maui filed 6/5/2002 - jury decision 11/20/2003) for the most part survived against the usual post-trial motions for a reduction and a new trial. Judge Shackley Raffetto reduced the special damages awarded from $250,000 to $30,781.64 on the basis that that was all that had been proven or claimed.

However, the jury's award of $800,000 in general damages was allowed to stand even though the Plaintiff had only requested $182,500 in general damages during closing argument. It should be noted that this case only went to trial because defendant Costco made a truly regrettable decision to appeal a Court Annexed Arbitration Program award against it in the amount of $130,000.00. The parties have apparently settled the case after the Court substantially affirmed the jury's verdict. In dismissing the case it was stipulated by the parties that the Judgment of the jury and the Amended Judgment by the Court would be vacated. Accident Lawyer Hawaii - personal injury attorneys