Cellular phone radiation: Maryland Appeal

Cellular Phone Radiation: Appeals Court To Hear Oral Argument In Health Suit Sept. 26 by Jeffrey Silva, Aug. 20, 2003

WASHINGTON—The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral argument in a Maryland man’s $800 million brain-cancer suit against Motorola Inc. and others Sept. 26 in Williamsburg, Va. The appeals court also has before it five class-action suits against the mobile-phone industry that claim wireless operators should have supplied consumers with headsets to reduce any risks of radiation injury from handsets. The opening brief in the legal challenge was filed earlier this month. The brain cancer and headset lawsuits were previously tossed out by U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake of Baltimore.

Blake has yet to rule on nine other brain cancer suits against the wireless industry pending before her. The plaintiffs have petitioned Blake to send the cases back to state court.

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